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On this page:

On this page:

Food tracking

Tracking what you eat and drink provides insight to your health journey — it’s the stand-out habit of users who reach their goals. We made tracking easy by simplifying it for you:

Huge food database

Millions of food items containing detailed nutritional information, such as calories, fat, carbs and protein content means we’ll calculate everything correctly for you.

Food and meal ratings

Our rating system is designed to help you build new habits and make healthy choices every day.

Habit trackers

Set up 1-tap trackers for water, fruit and vegetables to build lasting, healthy habits. Repetition is key!


Save your common meals, and food items to your favorites to speed things up even more. Or just use our handy built-in shortcuts, like “Same breakfast as yesterday“.

Barcode scanner

Don’t worry about adding items manually and identify your food items with the super easy-to-use barcode scanner.

Connect with partner apps

We have partnered with a bunch of apps and services to make things easier for you. Sync your steps, calories or weight at any time. You can even control Lifesum with Siri or Google Assistant.

1 year. -81 lbs. I enjoy food as much, if not more, nowadays, but responsibly - it has changed my life

I love so much about this app. The scanning of barcodes is super helpful and convenient. Checking off water, fruits and veggies is like an immediate reward. This app has really made it easy to succeed!

This is the best app I’ve tried so far. It finds EVERYTHING. And it scans barcodes I wouldn’t even think it would know. Awesome!

Meal Plans

Designed to kickstart your health change journey, Meal Plans keep things simple so that you can get quick results right from the start. They include:

  • 7–21 days of pre-planned meals: breakfasts, lunches, dinner and snacks
  • Affordable and easy — 5 ingredients or less
  • Digital shopping lists
  • Customize plans to your personal liking

Having meals planned ahead of time is one of your biggest key success factors. The meal planners and shopping lists makes it easier to stick to your plan and avoid temptations in the grocery store.

Lifesum nutritionist
  • 3 Week Weight Loss

    Kickstart your weight loss journey and get fast, guaranteed results with 21 days of pre-planned meals. We’ve done the thinking; you do the eating.

  • Vegan for a Week

    If you’ve got a taste for Vegan, you’ll find it right here! Good, honest food that’s both delicious and nutritious. It’s easy being Green!

  • Keto Burn

    Drop the carbs, drop the kilos. Weight loss never tasted this great!

  • Protein Weight Loss

    Helps maintain muscle whilst encouraging weight loss.

  • Sugar Detox

    Get healthier and lose weight by simply removing sugar.

  • Paleo

    Eat only whole, unprocessed food and lose weight in no time.

  • Eat Like Denice

    Created by health- and lifestyle icon Denice Moberg, this Meal Plan features all the recipes you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and still reach your fitness goals.

5 kg in 3 weeks

This app is like the best thing that has happened to my health. I was shocked how my cravings were gone after only a couple of days and not wanting to eat between meals really helped. Losing 5kg in only 3 weeks is fantastic, but the best part is the health improvement.

Nathalie, 27
3 week weight loss meal plan

Millions of people have already reached their health goals with Lifesum.


Talking about diets can be tricky. We like to think of them as different approaches or strategies to maintain, or reach, health. You just have to find the one that works with your lifestyle, goals, and taste!

  • Personalized based on your goals and preferences
  • Simple rules makes them easy to follow
  • Start, swap or stop whenever you want
  • Completely optional if it’s not your thing

[…] I started the keto diet and it has helped me soooo much!!! I’ve lost 20 pounds and counting. It gave me a great understanding of what is good for me, what macros are, just everything. I just love it! Thank you for helping me reach my goals!

  • Classic

    Get lean with this classic, no-nonsense diet. Whole foods and fewer calories. Done.

  • High Protein

    Lose weight without going hungry with this high-protein diet.

  • Clean Eating

    Lose weight and make your body happy with whole foods and nutrients.

  • Keto Strict

    All of the fat, and none of the carbs. Sound delicious? We thought so ;)

  • Keto Medium

    Looking to transition into a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle? Start here.

  • Keto Easy

    Go low-carb for steady weight loss and optimal energy levels.

  • 5:2

    Fast 2 days a week (min 500-600 kcal per day). The rest is all gravy (or pizza, you know, whatever).

  • 6:1

    Fast 1 day a week (min 500-600 kcal per day). The rest is all you, no questions asked.

  • Mediterranean

    Lose weight with plenty of greens and healthy fat.

  • Scandinavian

    Slim down with this healthy smorgasbord of lean proteins and complex carbs.


With the recipes created (and put to the test) by our in-house team of professional chefs and nutritionists, we can promise you that healthy eating is delicious!

  • Hundreds of easy recipes — new ones added all the time
  • Shaped to be healthy, tasty and leave you feeling satisfied
  • Personalized based on your goal, diet and allergies
  • Detailed nutritional information

Sample recipes

Feature summary

  • Simple tracking of meals (including barcode scanning), exercises, habits, weight and body measurements

  • A wide range of Diets to choose between, including Keto and High Protein

  • Favorites — save your favorite food, exercises, meals and recipes

  • Meal Plans — 1 to 3 weeks of pre-planned, easy-to-cook meals

  • Support for macros and net carbs

  • Detailed nutritional information

  • Food, meal and day ratings

  • Weekly Life Score — what’s gone well and how you can improve

  • Hundreds of healthy and tasty recipes

  • Integrates with: Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, Apple Watch, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Withings, Samsung wearables, Wear OS and Google Assistant

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